If you want to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of Artifical Intelligence
  • Stand out in your job with AI competences
  • Be ready for the new careers of the AI era
  • ...but you don't want to learn coding, or spend your career coding

You are in the right place.

AI courses for the future leaders of the AI era.

Specifically designed for people who want to play a key role in the AI revolution, but don’t want to get into the technicalities of computer science.

Applied AI for professionals

You will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of AI - better than most people in corporations
  • Discover what AI can do for a company, using core business data, images, text, audio, and more
  • Develop your language to communicate with Data Scientists
  • Be able to evaluate if a project is a good fit for AI (most people can't do this...)

Design and build Successful AI products

You will:

  • Be able to spot opportunities for AI
  • Learn how to transform a business idea into a well-scoped Machine Learning project
  • Discover strategies to build AI prototypes fast and cheap
  • Be able to craft an AI implementation strategy: getting the data, choosing the technology, evaluating performance, and more

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Meet your instructor

You will be learning from Gianluca Mauro. Together with Nicolò Valigi, I'm the cofounder of AI Academy and author of Zero To AI, a manual on AI for business leaders.

We built AI products for large corporations, startups and top Silicon Valley companies and taught AI to hundreds of people of all kinds: startup founders, students, corporate managers and executives at billion dollar companies.

Can I help you start your journey in AI?

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I helped people start successful careers in AI...


Applying Machine Learning to business processes requires to quickly adapt your mindset. AI Academy has the keys to unlock that potential.

Fabio Pistilli

— Head of Data at Fater (producer of major consumer goods brands, €1.3B/yr revenues)

...at some of the world's top organizations.

Join them and start building a successful career in AI

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executive-level teaching, a fraction of the price

These courses are modelled after the face-to-face trainings that corporate executives paid 5 figures for.
Get the same learnings at a fraction of the price.

Applied AI for professionals

50% OFF limited availability launch price!
  • Get a deep operational AI knowledge
  • Learn how to apply AI in business
  • 47 video lessons
  • 8 case studies
  • Completion certificate
  • No prerequisites

Design & build successful AI projects

50% OFF limited availability launch price!
  • Discover AI opportunities in any company
  • Learn to craft a solid AI business case
  • Build a pitch for an AI project
  • Handover materials and templates
  • Completion certificate
  • Prerequisites: AI principles

Full AI expert bundle

The two courses Applied AI for Professionals and Design and Build successful AI products together for a discounted price.

Full AI expert bundle

50% OFF limited availability launch price!
  • Full access to "Applied AI for Professionals" and "Design and Build successful AI projects"
  • 90+ lessons
  • Tens of case studies
  • Handover materials and templates
  • Completion certificate
  • No prerequisites

Which course is the right one for you?

Check one or both boxes, based on what are your goals.

  • How AI works
  • How to evaluate an AI project
  • What AI can do with core business data, images, text, and more
  • Identify opportunities for AI
  • Solve business problems with AI
  • Develop an AI project strategy
  • I already have a good understanding of AI

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Why us

Why should you choose our courses?

It’s not about the tools. It’s the mindset.

If you’re looking for a course that teaches you how to use shiny tools that look cool but no one uses in practice, look elsewhere. Tools come and go, while we’ll teach you core the principles you need to develop a mindset that will help your career for years to come.

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Learn from someone who actually built AI

Don’t get advice on how to build AI from business people without experience. We’re data scientists who built AI applications in Europe and Silicon Valley. We just teach you what we tested and works, you can trust us.

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Not everyone has to become a data scientist

Want to get into AI? Complement what you already do great, without investing years to learn math or coding. All our courses are geared towards business professionals and are 100% free of code and math.

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Other courses are too narrow.

There are other non-technical courses out there, but we’ve heard always the same complaints: they don't teach you what you need to actually use AI in your work. Our courses are designed after years of consulting and training experience: we know what you need to make AI work.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there any economic aid available?

Yes, we offer a substantial discount to students, nonprofits, and other people in need. Apply here if you think you have the requirements.

If you work for a company and need documentation to use your company learning budget, write us and we'll be happy to help you!

How are the professional courses different from your free course AI4Humans?

AI4Humans is designed to help people become more aware of what is AI and how it powers the technology around them. Our professional courses are geared towards professionals, so they teach AI keeping in mind everything you need to know to use it in a work context. Also, the production quality is much higher, the tests more comprehensive, they are much longer, and give you a different certification.

AI4Humans can be a great starting point to figure out if you're interested in the topic and if you like our teaching style, but if you're serious about using AI in your career, we highly recommend investing in our professional courses.

Can my company pay for the course?

Lots of people expense this course to their company! You can download the invoice from your account at any time, and also add your company name and address. If you’re based in Europe, you can also add your company’s VAT number, and have the VAT country, rate and amount added to the invoice.
If you want us to provide relevant information to your manager or whoever may be responsible for your education, don’t hesitate to write us.

Do you release a certificate of completion?

Yes, we do! You can share it on LinkedIn, add it to your CV, and spend it with your current or future employer.

What career opportunities do I have after the course?

From our experience, quite a lot of organizations have “AI” on their agenda. Most of them are still in the learning phase, trying to understand what they need to get their AI projects off the ground. We’ve seen the kind of skills we’re teaching you in this course immensely valued by all our clients!

How will I learn?

You’ll learn with a balanced mix of theory, case studies, and practical exercises. Our case studies are a mix of well recognized success stories from the industry, together with personal experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

What languages is the course taught in?

The videos are in English, but subtitles are available in Italian and Spanish. Need subtitles in another language? Write to us!

Will I get some hand over materials?

Yes, you’ll get access to several PDFs with the proprietary frameworks covered in the course, and detailed written case studies.


Have any questions? Need help?
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